Englisches Theater – mal gruselig-lustig, mal gruselig-ernst

Mit zwei Theaterstücken auf Englisch, gespielt von gebürtigen Engländern, überzeugte in der letzten Juniwoche die Whitehorse Theatre Company die sechsten und die achten Klassen, dass man sie durchaus verstehen kann, die echten Engländer – und dass englisches Theater Spaß macht. Die Company tourt in wechselnder Besetzung durch Schulen, spielt ihre lustigen, kritischen und immer energiegeladenen Stücke und steht anschließend noch für Fragen – auf Englisch – zur Verfügung. Für die sechsten Klassen spielten die vier jungen Darsteller ein rasantes Gruselstück mit vielen Verwechslungen und Happy End. Nicole Armbrust (Klasse 8a) hat nach dem Besuch der Aufführung für die achten Klassen eine Theaterkritik geschrieben – natürlich auf Englisch.

Drinking for Dummies – Review by Nicole Armbrust, 8a

On June 23rd 2015, the play “Drinking for Dummies” by Peter Griffith was performed by the Whitehorse Theatre Company for all year 8 students in the BiKuZ.
The drama is about the four students, called Jake, Zola, Barney and Tamsin, who learn how dangerous alcohol is. The different scenes are set at their school, on the bus, at Jake´s, in a bar and in a club. It starts on Friday morning at school and ends in the club, where the students get drunk.
I like the play, because it shows how terrible alcohol can be. First the play is like a comedy, but it changes pretty quickly into a tragedy. So the stage play shows that things can change in a few seconds and you can lose so much, because of one stupidity. It shows the danger of alcohol in an interesting way without always saying “alcohol is bad! You should never drink it!”
Moreover, the actors played their characters very well and it felt as if they were real and not only fictive. Another point why I like the play is that everybody was able to understand the actors. They were all  born in Britain and only speak English, but we do not often get the chance to listen to the authentic  British accent of native speakers. In addition to that the actors were really nice. After the play we were allowed to ask them everything we wanted. So after that all your questions about the play and the actors were answered.
Finally, I advise everyone, who has the chance, to watch this stage play. It is definitely worthwhile and makes you think about this serious topic in an entertaining way.